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Hey y'all!
I was kicked out of my fraternity for being an Openly Gay Male and so I took action! I am currently fighting for my situation and this blog is to keep everyone who is Fighting with and Supporting me up-to-date with the Progress being made! Geo :-)

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Anonymous said: your video "GAYS KICKED OUT OF FRATERNITY" made it to knightnews



idontwantatumbleraccount said: What ever happened when you went to meet with your lawyer? Do you have any actual evidence against Beta yet besides that one text or is it still just a he-said-she-said situation? How do all the gay brothers in Beta feel about what you are saying about their fraternity?

I had a wonderful meeting my lawyer, anything more than that I’m not at liberty to say. There is more evidence against Beta than the one text message, that’s just the one thing I put on the video. As for the “openly gay” brothers, I’d really like Beta to name who they are. Because, when I rushed, there was no openly gay brothers. And to my knowledge continues to be no openly gay brothers. Are there gay guys in Beta, yes, are they out, No. That might not seem huge, but that is a major point. If you are a LGBT individual, then you might understand why it’s such a huge point, if not, ask an LGBT friend of yours whether or not being out or not can be a big deal, they will tell you the same thing as me.

Thanks for your questions,

Geo :-)

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So, tonight about 3 hours ago an article was posted on Knightnews, a news website strictly reporting news about UCF. In this article, Beta released a statement denying all accusations.

I have been blessed with the fact that I have been very involved in the entire investigation process and I know that what they say is a complete lie.

I wish I could just scream out all the information that I know, but I am forced to keep quiet at the moment and let Beta continue to ruin my reputation like they did with such ease before.

I must keep on fighting and keep pushing through because I know the TRUTH will come out! The TRUTH being I WAS BALLED FOR BEING OPENLY GAY!

Thank you for your continued support. I know this is WORTH FIGHTING FOR!!!! and I will fight.

Geo :-)

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beautifullypiecedbacktogether said: I'm so so glad you are getting your story out and making it heard. There needs to be more people like you around. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this, it isn't easy, i sent you a message with my story also. Thank you, you give me courage.

Thank you so much! It means so much to hear from people who have gone through hardships like me! I read your story and responded privately! :) 

I am so glad I can give you courage! Honestly, if me doing this, and having this tumblr only helps one person, it will have been completely worth it! Although, I hope it does help a lot more! :-p

Much love,

Geo :-)

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Please continue to reblog this forever! The bigger this video gets, the more that is getting done!

Geo :-)

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Today I’m going to have a meeting with my lawyer (finally)!

This meeting is supposed to catch me up on all the progress that has been made and discuss some possible plans for action!

I’ll post and let y’all know if anything big happens in this meeting!

Much love,

Geo :-)

mandy10mikayla said: Just watched the video you did with "ElloSteph" and just wanted to say I am very proud your fighting this! So many people would just give up. Your a very strong guy and that makes me so proud (:

Thank you so much! I saw this on every message but it’s because I mean it! All the support is what is keeping me going!

Much love,

Geo :-)

ginzg said: Hey Geo! Just watched the video that you made with 'ElloSteph' and I just wanted to say that I really like what you're doing here. As a lesbian who is "out", this is pretty important to me. Keep it up, and hopefully this issue can be resolved.

Thank you so much for the support! It truly does mean so much to hear from you and everyone else who messages me! :)

I am definitely determined to make sure what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone ever again! That’s why I’m doing this! Not for me, but for those who will come after me!

Much love,

Geo :-)

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So, if you have read the “My Story” page, you know about the awful website called Collegiateacb.

Well, since the posting of the video, I have had 2 new threads started about me. One indirectly and one directly about me personally. As I read through the comments, I honestly just wish I could ask each individual who posted mean and rude and ignorant things about me,

"like, who raised you to be such a horrible human being?"

I haven’t commented on the thread to try and defend myself, because you can’t fix stupid. And stupidity is all that is being shown on that website.

I am determined for the truth to be spoken and for action to be taken, and when it all comes out(official statement or punishment from UCF), I wish I could see their faces when they are like “dang. That kid was actually telling the truth.”

The comical relief comes in knowing that I will be victorious and change will come! And when that happens, all those people who didn’t believe me and said horrible things about me will look so idiotic.

I always try and find the bright side of any bad situation, this is one of the ones I’ve found so far!

Geo :-)

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I traveled to Boston today for work and had some time to spend with one of my closest friends! He and I went to high school and cheered together! Haven’t seen him in a long time. 

All the amazing support I’ve been receiving has been just amazing! But I have had to deal with some negativity and such, so it was nice to get away from it all today! 

I will be posting a little later about some things that have been coming along thanks to everyone’s support! 

Much love, 

Geo :-)
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